The Book
Many friends of Holy Cross Cemetery having forebears and relatives whose remains are interred there, have asked that a record of the circumstances which brought about the cemetery's founding and its history since then, be recorded for posterity. This small work attempts to do that before much that is presented here is otherwise consigned to the grave.

Much of the anecdotal content was handed down by word of mouth or came from a forty-five year association of the author with the cemetery variously as director, secretary, treasurer, and vice-president/managing director. Although as many human interest events as could be obtained are included, the preponderance of the information is statistical and financial. The statistics reflect the activities of the cemetery for the purpose of its existence. The finances, as with most institutions, are integral to the successful performance of the activities of the cemetery. Because Holy Cross enjoyed its first fifty years as Saint Mary's Cemetery supported by the parish, its finances were secure. However, within fifteen years of its status as a self supporting association, inflation of the dollar, which had not existed all the years that the cemetery was St. Mary's set in and put a severe strain on its finances. By the 1960's, though, the cemetery management revised its investment policy so that after years of improvement the cemetery presently is in good financial condition.

In the compiling of this narrative, many of the circumstances of the time of the cemetery's founding are taken from a Historical Sketch of St. Mary's Church by the Reverend Ignatius Remke, O.S.B. Because that is the only work consulted in this publication, no bibliography is appended. Abstracts from St. Mary's Church are not available but those of Holy Cross Cemetery for the years 1929, 1938, and from 1963 up to the present were source material. One newspaper article was used and a memorandum by the Misses Theresa and Edith McRae and one by Mis Elizabeth Bernier, daughter and granddaughter of board members, were referred to.

Acknowledgements and thanks are due Mr. William F. Holzgrefe, board member, for his assistance and preparation of map copies, Ms. Suzanne Loehr, board member, for taking of photographs and Mr. J. Gregory Holzgrefe, board member, his wife, Sally, for organizing donations and dedications, editing the copy and preparation of the final format.

The Author
James W. Boehling
A hard bound copy of Holy Cross Cemetery, a 101 page history book with pictures and illustrations, written by James W. Boehling is available in lieu of a $25.00 donation to the cemetery. To obtain a copy, contact Jimmy Boehling – or Suzanne Loehr –